Paint Process Engineer-Giga Fa

投递简历 收藏



? Manage program milestone, develop detail process and finish bid document attachment preparation (M+E Spec).

? 对项目节点进行管理,细化流程并完成设备招标所需要的文件编制。

? Conduct the development of paint BoP, provide the facts and data from benchmark for paint process selection.

? 负责涂装工艺流程图的定义, 提供工艺选择的对标数据。

? Coordinate/cooperate with facility suppliers for detailed design of the painting line.

? 协调并与设备供应商协作完成涂装生产线的细节设计。

? Be responsible for the paint material development, validation and try out.

? 负责涂装材料的开发,认证和实验工作。

? Manage the suppliers to achieve the milestones timing (drawing review, installation, commissioning...)

? 对设备供应商管理,满足里程碑计划(图纸审核,安装,调试…)

? Onsite following up the material filling, try outs and parameters finetuning, report to ME team regularly.

? 现场跟踪材料的投放,验证以及参数调整并定期向部门汇报。

? Be responsible for new painting line parameter initialization, new models process validation, daily process issues resolving and continuous improvement.

? 负责新建涂装线的参数设定,新车型工艺验证,日常工艺问题解决以及持续改善。

? Manage program milestone, support paint shop during prototype build, launch phase and finish tooling final buyoff.

? 对新车型项目里程碑计划负责,支持涂装生产部门完成样车制造,生产启动直至最终的设备验收。

? Lead the paint technology training, release of process documents to Production.

? 负责新设备的培训,并向生产线下发工艺文件。

? Lead the punch list built and resolving during the buy-off.

? 验收阶段负责对验收问题建立问题清单并解决。

? Lessons learned summary and knowledge sharing (training).

? 整理经验教训条款并通过培训的形式分享。

? Manage and support PR + PO phases.

? 管理和支持相关的采购流程。

? Manage and support the Paint Shop layout development.

? 管理和支持涂装车间布置图的开发。

? Manage and support the Quality levels in each department for finished product.

? 管理和支持各部门对产品的质量改进工作。


? Bachelors or Higher in Chemicals/Mechanical Engineering

? 机械工程本科毕业

? 8 years or above in the Automotive painting process planning/site operations

? 8年或以上汽车涂装工艺开发经验

? Experienced at least 1 complete car body painting lines start-up as a leader role.

? 至少完成过3项整车涂装产线的建立

优先考虑技能Preferred Skills

? Sound knowledge of modern painting process, painting robot programming is a plus.

? Solid skill of problem solving.

? Familiar with Auto-cad, CATIA, MS Office

? Workable English language skill.







规模: 1000人以上